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179 Clarkson Executive Park
Ellisville, MO 63011
Dr. Daniel Fazio is a Chiropractic
Physician & Acupuncturist with an
emphasis in nutrition & integrative
medicine.   Click photo for bio.
Sheila Fazio is a licensed clinical social
worker, massage therapist and
certified yoga teacher offering a
holistic approach to mind body
wellness. Click photo for bio.

Roots of Wellness provides patients with comprehensive wellness care to address the root
causes of their illness or discomfort. By treating patients on the physical, energetic and
mental/emotional levels clients are able to address the underlying causes of their
discomfort or pain and maintain their overall wellness.    
Patients receive a thorough exam, declare their health goals and co-create an
individualized treatment plan that may include any combination of Chiropractic,
Acupuncture, Nutrition supplementation, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Yoga Practices.

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